Dry Eyes Treatments

Experience relief from dry eyes with our cutting-edge treatment options at iSeeU Optometry Clinic. Trust our expertise in advanced eye care.


Glaucoma is a common eye disorder that damages the optic nerve. The early stages of glaucoma are undetectable, and experts estimate that only half of the people who currently have...

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Diabetic Wellness Check

Precision Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis in Palm Desert - Indio Area At IseeU Optometry Clinic. At IseeU Optometry Clinic, we're at the forefront of detecting and managing diabetic retinopathy, a critical...

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General Eye Exam - Comprehensive Eye Care

Complete Vision Care: Your Comprehensive Eye Exam at Palm Desert ’ Premier Optometry Clinic. Thinking your eyesight is perfect after just a vision screening? At iSeeU Optometry Clinic in Palm...

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